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What is a trust and is a trust right for you?

The Law Office of Charles Wm. Dobra will help you to navigate this important decision with you.

A trust is created when property (which can be: an account, a home, or any piece of property i.e. a car, land or a home) is transferred to an individual in a trust. A trust can hold title to very little property or to millions of dollars worth of property. Never feel that you don't have enough property to come and talk to us about establishing a trust for you. Our office is happy to answer your questions! Trusts can be established during your life, at your death, and believe it or not even after your death. Trusts can be established to be a benefit to you, your family, your descendants, a social or a religious organization, any myriad of individuals, companies or an organization. Simply, a trust is a vehicle where one person holds property for the benefit of another person, and it typically includes detailed specifications on how, when or for whom that property is to be used. Of import, the creation of a trust shields the distribution of property from the public eye, and is not probated though the courts.

Count on us and our many years of establishing trusts on behalf of our clients.  Let us assist you to establish a trust to protect you and your family.


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