Real Estate Transactions

Dobra Law Firm can handle all types of Real Estate Transactions throughout the Chicago metropolitan area.

We work with:

  • Home Owners (Buyers & Sellers)
  • Business Owners
  • Property Developers

The deliberate and careful preparation of purchase agreements and leases are crucial to a smooth agreement. When you contact us, we will help you in every way for a smooth and favorable transaction.

The home you have loved for years just went on the market, you called a real estate agent and signed a contract. Now, you need to select an attorney to make sure you're getting a smooth real estate transaction.

Our firm, Charles Wm. Dobra, Ltd., works only for you. Your contract will be reviewed. It’ll be discussed with you. Appropriate changes to protect you will be made, provided the contract has been submitted to our office in a timely manner.

We draft:

  • Purchase Contracts / Sales Contracts
  • 1031 Exchanges (Starker Exchanges)
  • Leases
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